BBQ Yard. Second event!

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After a good warm up at the first event, this time we returned to where real BBQ began. Gathering my thoughts in the right place, I had an idea to smoke a whole hog roast in a homemade smoker. I went to pick up builders blocks to build the smoker unit and we can begin our new experience.

I bet a lot of people think it is very primitive – we put the hog roast on, light the fire and that’s it – but it is actually far from that. The smoker that is 2.5m x 1m in dimensions you have to watch very carefully, because temperatures can vary. This is not going to be your home oven, where you set up the temperature, watch some TV and then after a while take out the ready product. Next to the smoker, You need to have alit fireplace that you can use for charcoal that is used to fuel the smoker and to control the smoker temperature. Believe me, this is a very lengthy process and needs a lot of attention.

A bit about how I prepared it all before smoking the meat. When the hog roast got delivered to the BBQ yard, this time I injected the marinade directly into the meat, so it gets marinated quicker. The I rubbed the hog with mustard and used the Oak’A BBQ dry spice mix all over it. So the pork would be ready for the BBQ yard event at 18:00, I had to start smoking the hog in the previous evening at 22:00 – you can see it takes a very long time. One of the most positive things that describes a good BBQ is – You can never rush! While sitting in the night darkness, You have all the time in the world to think about new recipes and think about how delicious it is going to taste!

When the event has started the hog is ready to be pulled and guests start arriving. Our cosy BBQ yard gathered a whole 70 people in the second event. It is such a great joy that guests appreciate the tender, delicious pulled pork that is something unique for your taste buds.

The sense of belonging and being together is a must have for BBQ.